Villa citrea it's a handmade house that was built with a lot of love and great care . 

After many years of intensive and hard work  we are pleased to introduce you our new product , AVOCADO ,that it's called TACHIKAS ,AGUACATE DE CRETA . Aguacate it's mean avocado in spanish language , we chose to named that way due to of the latinoamerican origin of avocado, the main homeland from where the avocado began to spread all over the world and my last name.

It's a cuality biological product that produced with respect at nature , with no chemicals and pesticides. Produced in compliance with all regulations ,with a lot of personal effort and the corresponding love.

We invite you to tour at the production field that where it all started, its located below the swimming pool that magnifies the already amazing view before your eyes. After we've had enough of the view ,it's time to taste of the product.