The beach of Balos and Gramvousa island are located in the north-western part ofthe island and a distance of 56km northwest of Chania city and 17km Northwest of Kissamos.The exotic beach(lagoon)is formed between Balos and Gramvoussa peninsula.On the island stands the impressive fort,which began to be built by the Venetians in 1584.Balos is surely the most photographed beach in Crete,a favourite subject for all tourist guides of Greece.Balos is famous for its turquoise waters,the wild natural beauty and the beautiful exotic scenery.You can go with the ferry boat from the port of Kissamos but also you can drive up to a point and subsequintly pedestrians.(if you want to avoid the discomfort avoid the second way, but if you are a person of the nature don't miss to take o walk at the extroordinary landscape)

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Elafonisi located 75km southwest of Chania,and about 1.5 hour to arrive.The designacion of the area takes its name from the small island just 200 meters away from the beach which can be reached with easy walking to standing waters,that will impress you.One of the reasons that has been included in the protected areas natura is because the famous Caretta-Caretta turtles, lay their eggs here.

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Falasarna is located in the western part of the island at a distance of 58km from the center of Chania and have been included in the plans Naturas 2000(because of the variety of flora and fauna in the region but also because of outstanding natural beauty). Crystal clear turquoise waters and fine fine gold sand characterizes the area as one of the most popular beaches.The main beach is fully organized,leaving free space for those who wish to lay under the Cretan sun.The main beach called ''Thick Sand'' (Pachia Ammos)and its streching about one kilometer.But if you are looking for smaller and quieter beach, it has one 2-3 creeks in further  north section of the main beach.The only drawback is when blowing stong northwest winds.

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Considered and not unjustly one of the most beautiful cities of Mediterranean,built around 1320 by the Venetians.The multicultural identity of the Venetian port of Chania is obvious with a simple walk in the medieval alleys where the history has left its mark on every corner of the Old city, from the fortess Firka (built by the Venetians to protect the harbor entrance from invaders), Yali Tzamisi(which means in turkish, a seaside mosque),Neoria (it was shipbuilding and repairing ships) up the Egyptians Lighthouse. In the northwest part of the Old town, next to the Nautical museum you will meet the picturesque Angelou parthway leading you in the neighborhood of Topana,Venetian mansions and houses from the Ottoman period. The heart of the city beats in Venetian harbor with several restaurants ,cafe-bars and more..

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One of the most popular and organized sandy beaches in Crete island with a lot of famous beach bars and clubs.The beach stretches for more than 2km and located just 9 km away from Chania city.A stunning tourist destination with many villas,hotels and shops.You can find many places for entertainment and recreation that will offer you relaxation,good meal and refreshing cocktails!

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Platanias is considered as one of the most popular tourist resorts of Crete.You can find the best restaurants,cafe-bars and the stunning beach with clear waters.Located 11km west of Chania city,border with Agia Marina and we could say that is a single tourist zone of Chania.Intense nigtlife,bars,restaurants,shops and a long sandy beach along the area which is divided into Upper and Lower Platanias.Upper platanias is the old village on a hilltop with excelent views while lower Platanias is the new seaside resort created by tourism development.Platanias has everything you want,as luxury and budget accommodation,restaurants,playgrounds,beach bars,and a lot of shops.

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An ideal destination for hiking and cycling south of Platanias and just in 3km we find the Drakiana park and Byzantine chapel Saint George. Saint Gerorge dated to 1200 a.d. just opposite the old settlement on the area.An idyllic landscape under the sound of nature surrounded by orange groves and dense vegetation where it reward the visitor. In Drakiana we can not fall to mension the traditional family restaurant Drakiana located in a ideal nature place,below the plane trees and next to the shore river Iordanou (Keritis) where you will taste traditional Cretan flavors, with recipes used by their grandparents and these days are served by Mr Mavromatis family.

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Kalives is a beautiful seaside village in Apokoronas area, built in Sounda Bay.Located 19km from Chania,said that Kalives got its name from the makeshift shetlers (huts) built by Arab pirates when they invaded in 828 ac.Kalives built along the beach, with Xydas river seperate the village in two sides,which it connected with graphic bridges, that visitors can observe many trout and ducks.

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Almyrida is a famous tourist village with a lot of visitors every year, and a calm beach make it perfect for families with young kinds.Almyrida located in Apokoronas area at the entrance to Souda Bay,about 2km after Kalives and 24km from Chania.It is a coastal village with two sandy beaches (fully organized with umbrellas,loungers and lifeguard) while a third beach with pebbles is located before their village.

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The lake located in the east of the Chania and is the only natural freshwater lake in Crete and distance about 4km away from Georgioupoli.Lake has maximum lenght 1087 meters ,maximum width 880 meters by covering an area of 579 acres and a maximum depth of 22,5 meters,while is about 20 meters higher than the sea.The peculiarity of this lake is that according to the reason it changes color and size as the resindts claim.Abeutiful and relaxing landscape for a walk to the nature,or swim and bike to the lake.Kournas lake is know for significant tourist development as a destination for excursions or walks.Water bicycles and restaurants can give to the visitors what the really need.

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Samaria Gorge is one of the main attractions of the island and the longest gorge of Europe (lenght 18km).His name was taken from the abandoned village of Samaria , which in turn owes its name to the church of Osia Maria.During the Ottoman domination it was a hideout for revolutionaries and the local population. Proclaimed 1962 National Park to protect the flora and fauna of the region. The gorge has two natural entrances , the first is located 42km from the Chania to Omalos at an altitude of 1227 meters with name Xyloskalo and the second ends in the seaside of Agia Roumeli. Samaria Gorge is usually open from April to October,depending on the weather.

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Agia Roumeli

 Agia roumeli is a costal village in southwest Crete which became famous because here ends the path from the Samaria Gorge. Thousands of visitors pass through Samaria every summerand ends in Agia Roumeli to take the ferry that will transfer them to Loutro and Sfakia (east) or Sougia and Paleochora(west). Agia Roumeli is not connected tothe road network, so the only way to go there are by boat or by Samaria Gorge

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Sfakia (or Chora Sfakion) characterized by their wild natural beauty and unique turquoise waters.Sfakia is a historic area of the southern Crete, is 75km from Chania ,near the end of Imbros Gorge.Sfakia is the capital of the area with many infrastructures.Restaurantes,shops,cafes and many rooms to let.From there you can take of the ferries nad travel to nearby and beautiful areas such as Loutro,Agia Roumeli,Paleochora and the island of Gavdos.

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Loutro is a graphical sea village that can offer you calm,relaxation,taste traditional Cretan cuisine and a magical landscape with crystal clean waters.Loutro is located on the south coast of Crete between Agia Roumeli and Sfakia(Chora sfakion).From Loutro you can visit the ruins of ancient Aradena with the Byzantine church of Archangel Michael. You can be trasfered to Loutro with ferry from Sfakia or from Paleochora.

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It took its name from the Former Prince George of Greece.Georgioupolis located 40km from the city of Chania and 20km from the Rethymno.In the village square will encounter small cafe and restaurants and as you passing them you will reach the small port of Georpioupolis in five minutes walk along the road with eucalyptus trees.In the port estuaries Almyros river wich can see small fisherman boats.There are two beaches ,the small Kalyvaki beach located on the edge of the settlement, and the large beach that extends to the east,ideal for water sports.

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Kalathas beach is large and organized,with fine sand and shallow crystal water.Kalathas is located just a few minutes from Chania(11km), making in one of the most popular destinations for those who want to have refresing and relaxing swimming time at the summer days.A small island is opposite of the beach ,which easily for the bathers to get there by swimming.Next to the beach there are some palm trees that give an exotic tone to the scenery.Also,to the beach is well organized,with umbrellas,water sports,restaurants,hotels,shops,etc.

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Away from the city of chania 15km,located on the nothern coast of the Akrotiri Peninsula.Ideal choice for windy days in a sufficiently organized beach.Stavros was the place that 1964 filmed the famous movie Zorbas the greek starring Anthoni Quine,who dance the famous Greek sirtaki by the unique music composer Mikis Theodorakis.You can there with your car ,but also by bus,with one of the daily routes from KTEL station.Stavros has two beaches which is organized with umbrellas,sun loungers and refreshments.Nearby you can find several taverns,cafes,rooms to let and villas,in case you want to stay there.Both beaches have crystal clear aquamarine waters,with the eastern ideal for children.

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Marathi is located on the southeastern tip of the peninsula Akrotiri and 17km from the city of Chania.One of the most awarded beaches of Chania with the blue Flag,ideal for families.It has two different beaches with all the amenities for the visitors.

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Loutraki located 16km from the city of Chania on the Akrotiri area.It is a closed bay between hills with sandy beach, crystal clear waters,an idyllic location surrounded by rocky shores,offering all the comforts for the most demanding visitor.

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Located on the southwesr coast of Crete and 70km from Chania where is built on a long peninsula.A coastline by the Libyan Sea and fairly considered the Nymph of the Libyan Sea.It is a coastal town and one of the reasons that many visitors prefer it,is the choices in various beaches with crystal waters .You will also findseveral options of restaurants,taverns and coffe-bars.

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It is a small artificial lakeof 450 acres which is next to the homonymous village,9km of Chania.The ecological importance of the lake it is seems from the fact that the lake is protected by international treaties, as an important resting and feeding station of many migratory birds.An ideal choice for cycling and walking.

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